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What's the worst that I could say?

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Jul. 22nd, 2004 @ 04:45 pm

The end.

My journal is slightly less [more] stupid. Now let's party. Jun. 18th, 2004 @ 03:43 am

What a day, what a day. ::sigh:: Thank god f-- no not god... Alexander Graham Bell. Thank him. For phones. Alright so we had band practice today which was fine... We are covering two super awesome songs. Once again "Eye of the Tiger," and one of my favorite songs ever "I Want You to Want Me." It is so much fun to play I could explode.

At the risk of sounding like the sad tired kid I am, I dare not say what I am thinking right now, and instead take this opportunity to depart, and leave you with these words: Virgin Mobile has a very ironic name because it is run by SLUTS. Sluts who whore my money away and don't even give a considerate beep when my phone is shutting down. ::makes disgusted noises:: Alright...I R teh done. I am want to go to sleep, berzerker. Actually I am want to watch Clerks and The Royal Tenenbaums but I can't find either.

I am: distresseddistressed
I am also: watching Blast From The Past.

Oh yes. Jun. 15th, 2004 @ 06:19 pm

I have decided to take a moment and share some things that Andy said last night after drinking between 27 and 30 beers, thus completely fucking wasted.

"Life is a pitbull. I had to grab it by its jugular."

"I swear that's the last keyboard. ::pulls out another and proceeds to break it over his head while laughing maniacally::"

"President Roosevelt would have NEVER let this happen."

"President Adams would never allow this!"

"President Garfield would never allow this."
"Andy, name one thing President Garfield did in office."
"...He kicked Odie off the table!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Andy, why don't you come over here and lay down."
"Why don't you come over here and... shut up?!"

"Go get cigarettes from my mom. So what if I punched her in the face? She deserved it, right? Right? You guys should be proud of me."

"I swear I'm not drunk."

"I am really not that drunk."

"I am sober-- well okay maybe sober isn't the right word, but I am not drunk."

"I'm just playing you guys, I've been playing this whole time. I'm really not that drunk ::crashes into dresser::"

"I'm just playing, I'm playing. I'm not drunk."

"I swear I'm going to remember all this tomorrow, I'm not even that drunk."

So. Andy was... completely fucking wasted last night. That was pretty awesome. Being on damage control = the most fun ever. Staying out til 6am trying to get Andy to calm down and not die = an awesome time! Coming home and getting yelled at and yelled at and yelled at for doing the wrong thing because apparently when your friend is refusing to stop drinking after 25+ beers, the right thing to do isn't try and get him to stop and calm down, it's to come home no matter what to make your mother happy. What an awesome night.

I am: crashed or crashing
I am also: lonely as hell, where are you people?

I know... Sorry. Jun. 14th, 2004 @ 03:39 pm

Name: Jessie
Annoying name your mom calls you: Little shit <3
Birth date: February 28, 1988
Birthplace: Newton, MA
Where do you live now: Atlanta. Sort of.
Are you currently in a relationship: Yes, about 200.
Favorite color: Green
One thing you will never eat again: Lots of things.
Which country in the world has the hottest girls: The US of A it seems.
What did kids used to/still make fun of you for: Being "different"
What is one thing that you couldn't live without: Music, and a very select group of people.
How long do you usually wait before you have sex with someone: Depends on how long it takes to set up the camera.
Do you like to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage: Maybe.
What is your worst habit: Going for days without sleeping I suppose.
Do you think Ca is hot: ...As in calcium? ...Sure...
How many pets do you have: Four? I think?
Does your house have carpeting: Yes.
What is the coolest birthday present you've ever gotten: Well one time my Arabian friend Ackbar gave me twelve virgins to add to my harem... that was pretty nice...
If you had to listen to one cd for the rest of your life which would it be: I don't know, probably something by Elliott Smith or the Beatles or MCR or something I don't know I hope that never happens AH HA!
Do you wear glasses or contacts: No.
Would you rather have a beach house or a cabin in the woods: How about some woods near the beach? o.O
On a scale of one to ten, how awesome is U2: 2
If you chose anything less than ten, consider this a chance to redeem yourself: No thanks.
What is your favorite U2 song: Jesus get off U2. And "Sunday Bloody Sunday."
There is a bowl of Halloween candy on someone's porch with a sign that says "Take one! Happy Halloween"?: They obviously meant one bowl.
Would you ever be in a porn?: I'd make a cameo for the right price.
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Yours.
What is one secret that you've never told anyone but you'd be willing to share with your ENTIRE LiveJournal 'friends list' (come on were all friends here): Uh... I...::trails off::
Which do you prefer blondes or brunettes: Brunettes, definitely. The darker the hair the better.
Throwing up or having wicked diarrhea: Throwing up.
Tattoos or piercings: Both.
Sandals or shoes: Shoes.
Baths or showers: Showers.
Sex or snuggling: ?
Aquasaurs or Sea Monkeys: ...o.O
Super hot sweaty weather or super ball freezing cold weather: Cold.
Paper cuts or really itchy bug bites: Bug bites.
School or work: Work.
Myspace or AIM: AIM
Beer or liquor: Liquor
Have you ever gotten in a car accident: Yes, like four or five.
Been arrested: Almost.
Gotten an MIP: No.
Hooked up with someone in a band: Oh yes ::makes suggestive faces at a mirror::
Failed a class: No! Never ever, my GPA is my lover.
Punched someone: Mmmhm.
Ripped someone's underwear while giving them a wedgie: ...No
Had your underwear ripped while receiving a wedgie: Also no.
Been bitten by a snake: Almost.
At any point in your life known all the words to an Ace of Base song: Good christ no.
Gotten a dollar back that you knew was yours in the past: ...Not to my knowledge.
Killed something: My soul!!! ::hiss::
Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: No, and I never would.
Done drugs: Yes.
Practiced kissing on your hand: Oh yes, every night.
Cried because you were happy: No.
Done a cartwheel: Not well.
Had to go to the emergency room: Way too many times.
Had a crush on one of your teachers: Hahaha no. But I'm tempted to say Mr. Huff, just to fit in x_X
Your favorite family member: The cats \m/
Your idol: I don't have one.
The sexiest man alive: Uh... Brian Molko, Davey Havok, or Claudio Sanchez.
The biggest drunk you know: I don't know any drunks per se, but the most wasted I've seen a person was the Keithford. ***EDIT*** I take this back. ANDY.
The last person you kissed: I won't say, cause she might not want me to.
The last person who's LiveJournal profile you looked at: Mine.
The last person in the world you'd want to see right now: lol Kim Martin was the first name that came to mind. But... Why on earth could I POSSIBLY have ANYTHING against Kim Martin?!
The best lead singer of a band: Uh... Brian Molko, Davey Havok, Gerard Way, or Claudio Sanchez. Or Agent M <3
Your favorite childhood story character: Rosie Robot. No NOT the Jetsons character, although she is a badass.

I am: boredbored
I am also: listening to Stacey Q - Two of Hearts

all about the home field advantage Jun. 12th, 2004 @ 06:21 pm

I have nothing to really "update" you on so I'm going to just tell you the things that are running through my head. First of all PLEASE COME SEE RORV. I know the Masq is pushing it for some of you because it is a Sunday night and we don't go on til late, but this should be a really cool show... Plus we are playing with CDDS, and CDDS is awesome. I would tell you the other bands are awesome, but I wouldn't know, I've never heard them. Wait... Okay I went to Pure Volume and listened to a band called Defining Moment from Florida, this may or may not be them. Not bad... They claim to sound like "Allister, Mae, Punchline, Anberlin, Keepsake, Elliot, Don't Look Down, Armor for Sleep and Fall Out Boy." But almost all of those bands have really quiet really light singers, and whoever sings for this band has a more strong voice like... From First To Last. Or something. Anyway, they are pretty good, and I am trying to keep it at that instead of turning this into a review-- and you don't realize how hard it is for me not to criticize everyone for being GENERIC. But I am trying to make you WANT to come. Ahhh just go here. And the other band is Dividing Lines but I can't find anything from them, so... We'll just assume that THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME SO YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY COME, IF NOTHING ELSE, JUST TO SEE THIS AMAZING BAND ROCK EVERYTHING. And since we are playing after them, we'll melt the insides of any and all survivors. And then the bodies will rise and be thoroughly set on fire by Cloak & Dagger Dating Service. And tickets are $6 in advance (ask me), or $8 at the door, and it starts at 8pm. Anyway, if you can't come then, come on a day that is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO COME ON. Because this is when we have the chance to get tons of the bling bling thing, which we need badly. It r at teh Last Great Watering Hole, which if you live around the Brookwood/Shiloh area, it's about 15 minutes away, in Tucker. It's like five minutes from Stone Mountain. Cloak & Dagger is also playing then too, so you really should come and at least have an awesome time. For $5. Yeah... Let's see, what else. In theory, I'm going to a party in a minute if I can find a ride... So if you are going to Keith's and you happen to see this within the next half hour and you want to give me a ride, then call my cell. Right now. Even though I know this will never ever happen. I suppose that will ..suffice somehow. For now. Tata <3


I am: restlessrestless
I am also: pulling my cat around by her ears. She doesn't seem to mind.

Part II: Batman vs. Die Hard 3000 Jun. 8th, 2004 @ 07:17 pm

I'm going to tell you about one of two dreams I had last night. This one is by far the most fucked up.

I was driving a car and I crashed it into a trailer outside of a lesbian coffee house, and Keith and Admir and my mom and my sister got out of a van in the parking lot-- only Keith looked like Fred from Scoobie Doo and Admir looked like Harvey Birdman, but it was them, and Keith and Admir were boyfriends. And we went in the lesbian coffee house but it turned out to be closed, so instead we went to Six Flags, and there was a baby handing out maps inside... It was like the baby from Roger Rabbit at the beginning-- the...weird...one. And I wanted to go on the Mine Train but all Keith and Admir wanted to do was go to the petting zoo. So we ended up trying to cross this ...weird thing. And then I woke up.

Deep, isn't it? ^_~

I am: thirstythirsty
I am also: SaveFace - "You're My Rushmore"

while the moon does its divison... Jun. 4th, 2004 @ 04:28 am

Type your name with your:

Normal: Jessie

nose: u3wwee

elbow: jukedxsszer

tongue: jessie

chin: njmesswswkie

feet: jeewssiie

eyes closed and one finger: jwaaiw

back of hand: ujudejssed

palm: jwessuioe

wrist: mjnrdetsdssuier

What an amusing waste of time. "u3wwee." That made me laugh. Juked excessor.

I am: emo (why isnt that on there?!)
I am also: Bonnie Tyler - I Need A Hero

Just call me Florence of Arabia. May. 31st, 2004 @ 05:07 am

My hair looks like sangria.

it sounds like the guitar is sipping water when he goes from e to g May. 29th, 2004 @ 11:15 pm

bottle up and explode! over and over
keep the troublemaker below
put it away and check out for the day
up for a round of overexposure?
the thing mother nature provides to get up and go
bottle up and explode, seeing the stars surrounding you
red, white, and blue
you look at him like you've never known him
but i know for a fact that you have
the last time you cried
who'd you think was inside?
bottle up and go, if you're gonna hide it's up to you
coming through...
bottle up and go, i can make it outside.

I am: yours

Xanga is dead Jan. 23rd, 2004 @ 07:02 pm

I'm sick of Xanga, thought I'd give this shit a spin.

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